This is Russia: Arriving at the Home-stay

My first ever video game was Need for Speed on Xbox 360. I spent so many hours falling off cliff sides, zooming from the cops and running over anything and everything. So, when I finally became an expert at the game it blew my 11 year old mind. Ever since that first game I have always been a fan of racing games, but just because I like speeding in virtual reality doesn’t mean I like being a speed demon on the actual roads. And, yet here I am in a Russian taxi with a driver who embodies every aspect of Need for Speed.

Lucy’s Paleo Diet: How teeth reveal important insight into early hominin diet

So, you’re at the dentist office. While sitting in the waiting room, you pick up one of the many magazines. On the cover, is a title heralding a new dietary trend; the Paleo Diet. It may read “Eat like a Caveman” or “Paleo diet 101”. We see such titles everywhere as the paleo diet has gained enormous popularity in the western world. Often boasting staggering, stupendous, incredible health benefits, the paleo diet attempts to return us to the food our early ancestors consumed. However, many of the paleo diets we see in books and magazines are only loosely based on actual hominin diets. But, how are these paleo diets compiled when the generation they refer to has been gone for a few million years? Well, paleoanthropologists have been able to delve into the hominin diet by observing dental adaptations left behind by our early ancestors, documenting and cataloging information on early hominin diet.