This is Russia: Arriving at the Home-stay

My first ever video game was Need for Speed on Xbox 360. I spent so many hours falling off cliff sides, zooming from the cops and running over anything and everything. So, when I finally became an expert at the game it blew my 11 year old mind. Ever since that first game I have always been a fan of racing games, but just because I like speeding in virtual reality doesn’t mean I like being a speed demon on the actual roads. And, yet here I am in a Russian taxi with a driver who embodies every aspect of Need for Speed.

Swiping Right on Russia: Arriving in St. Petersburg

I never thought in a million years that I would be so attracted to Russia. Throughout my life, I have swiped left and right on countries, I deemed attractive: Italy, swipe right, Brazil, swipe right, Russia? Ehhh, let me look at their profile… For many of us, we establish a baseline of what we deemContinue reading “Swiping Right on Russia: Arriving in St. Petersburg”

Humans are Friends Not Food: Diving with Great Whites

You know those occasions where you and your friends are all drinking and having a good time? Where, at some point in the evening, someone suggests something that at the moment is an excellent idea but in hindsight probably not the best? Well, fast forward to exactly that. A week later and now I’m on a boat about to jump in shark-infested waters.  

Departure: Denver, Arrival: Mosselbaai

Everyone has a place they’d love to visit. Whether it’s standing on top of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the City of Love or diving deep into the crystal blue depths of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, we all dream of exotic locations. After spending the last 5 years learning and specializing on the origins of ourContinue reading “Departure: Denver, Arrival: Mosselbaai”