It’s Jones…Dr. Jones: What is anthropology?

Everyone’s heard of Harrison Ford’s hero film character, Indiana Jones. Jones is the history expert, defeater of bad guys, and romancer of women. And, while I, like many others, love watching Indiana Jones vanquish evil and save the day, he really, really is a terrible anthropologist.

These feet are made for walking: Who was Orrorin tugenensis? 

Todays the day you clean out your closet! As you dive in, ready to both mentally and physically declutter your life, you stop. “Do I really have that many shoes?!”. Yes, yes, you do. You have shoes for work, working out, summer, winter and many more. But why? Why are shoes so important? Our earliest ancestors never wore them, and they did just fine. Shoes protect our feet, sure, but just as importantly they are like many other stylized items we place on our bodies to symbolize and define who we are as individuals. And, our society has predetermined specific characteristics to identify the types of styles we see today. If I wear running shoes, I could be seen as active and sporty, while wearing leather loafers might make me seem serious and studious, etc. But, what about specific characteristics that differentiate us from other organisms? What about traits that define us as innately human?

A Long Time ago on a Continent Far Far Away: The Paleolandscape during the Late Miocene

Imagine you could blast back to the past. Where would you go? Who would you be? With the advent of time traveling fantasy novels, renaissance fairs and historical movies, it’s easy to get a taste of history. So, in that spirit, let’s travel back to an era far, far away to the land of Africa during the late Miocene!

Departure: Denver, Arrival: Mosselbaai

Everyone has a place they’d love to visit. Whether it’s standing on top of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the City of Love or diving deep into the crystal blue depths of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, we all dream of exotic locations. After spending the last 5 years learning and specializing on the origins of ourContinue reading “Departure: Denver, Arrival: Mosselbaai”