Is Butter a Carb? What are macronutrients

Many of us have wondered about what exactly we are eating. Typically, we can distinguish between what is good or bad nutritionally for us, and what tastes good or bad. And, we recognize that even though flaming hot Cheetos are bad for us, we may eat them anyway because they taste good. But, while we can read the nutrition fact labels on the packages of many foods, informing us of the quantities of calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc. these don’t explain why these are good or bad for us. There are three main forms of macronutrients: carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, all of which are incredibly important to our overall health, nutrition, and evolution.

The Human Color Swatch: How variation affects your skin color

Have you ever found yourself in the paint aisle, staring wordlessly at the seemingly endless array of color fusion? I inevitably find myself staring at those swatches and wondering how on earth there can be hundreds of variations of yellow. Perhaps, I think, I'm just an unrefined savage when it comes to discerning paint color, or perhaps the colors really aren’t that different and it’s simply a trick presented by paint advertisers. However, upon closer inspection, I see the vague tinges of shade difference. So, when presented with such an array of colors and all the designating names categorizing them, I realize that we humans have a deep understanding of color variation. This ability to see color has allowed us to note the vast diversity of skin color among our own species.