Curiously Human

Let’s be honest…We’re all a little narcissistic.


Who We Are

Here at Curiously Human, we provide a space dedicated to the understanding and discussion of all aspects that make us human. Whether you are a fellow anthropologist looking to learn more about human evolution or someone who is simply curious about humanity this site will provide you with the means to begin understanding what makes us Curiously Human.


Looking to better understand how and where we fit in this world? Come join us in exploring the world together.


From our culture to our genetic makeup, we are each gifted in uniquely different ways. Come in and Discover what makes you, you.


How we live our lives is based on our past experiences. Come share and Experience the stories that make people who they are.

“Anthropology is the only discipline that can access evidence about the entire human experience on this planet”

Michael Brian Schiffer



Whether you have questions, or comments about our site or simply want to share your Curiously Human Story, we want to hear it!

Isabella Vinsonhaler
Boulder, Colorado